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Well, I was curious about Tumblr and finally decided to open an account. Gotta admit it's fun. Here I can share bits of what's inside this bird-loving brain without looking too weird, haha.

I'm a Biologist specializing in Ornithology, so expect many things avian around here, but not necessarily.

My fandoms include (in no particular order): Pokémon, dinosaurs, Gorillaz, Transformers, Disney, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Harry Potter, The Legend of Zelda, everything Nintendo, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Hannibal, The Blacklist, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Anime and many other things I couldn't remember when I wrote this.

I'm Mexican. I speak Spanish, English and some Portuguese.

My deviantART account is:
TricksterBlueJay DeviantART

Mmm... feel free to ask me anything. Let's see how this feature works out :)
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So, it’s finally the time. I don’t think I ever mentioned anything about assisting the RRF Conference here in tumblr, but it doesn’t matter, the time has come. So help me, Jeebus XD

So yeah, expectation is killing me. This will be the first time in more than 20 years that I visit the US. Last time, me and my family went there for leisure, and I was so young I only remember a few things about the trip. But now, now it’s gonna be BIG. I will be presenting the results of my thesis project at the American Kestrel symposium to be held at the Conference, and I’m both really excited and at the verge of a nervous breakdown at the same time, even though my presentation will be until friday. Hope I don’t mess up.

Ugh. I need to wrap this up and finish packing. Gotta get some sleep before I head to Mexico City to take the plane.

Later, peeps. I’ll see if I can post more stuff when I’m en route.


I think we all appreciated shirtless Mamoru

*nosebleed* Oh my… *faints*


please read this joke it is the most amazing thing i’ve ever read

I wasn’t expecting that… Read it! ;)


Great Cormorant and Australian Pelican. Photos by K S Kong


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Well, nature is amoral after all.

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The vaquita, is simply collateral damage as poachers here sweep up another endangered species, a giant fish called the totoaba, to please consumers in China. The vaquitas become entangled and die in the nets set for totoaba.

There are reportedly 97 of the smallest cetacean left, and are currently the most endangered cetacean in the world.

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Every time Jamie showed up on Game of Thrones, I kept thinking how much he resembled Prince Charming from Shrek 2…

I thought I was the only one to see the resemblance, hahaha

Paisajes de mi bello México

First tumblr anniversary, wow. Has it really been a year already? Time does fly, indeed. Sad thing is that I haven’t really posted much of my own stuff here, mostly have been reblogs of things that interest me *facepalm*. Not to mention that I also have another blog I supposedly opened to record my experiences on surveying American kestrels here in México (my master’s degree thesis project), and haven’t done anything with it. So it exists there, empty and neglected *hides in a corner*.

*Ahem* Well, since today’s also Mexico’s Independence Day eve, I think I’m gonna post some photos to celebrate the National Holiday and my tumblr anniversary. And if everything goes according to plan, I’ll post a few thins on my sideblog Kestrel Diaries: Cuitzeo Basin (Mexico)


Merlin’s beard… http://ift.tt/1j5WaQL

If no-one had pointed this out, I would have never realized this -_-;


Merlin’s beard… http://ift.tt/1j5WaQL

If no-one had pointed this out, I would have never realized this -_-;